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Five Locations to use a Jingle (That Aren't Radio or TV ads!)

Many people have an outdated view of what a jingle is and assume that a jingle must be run either on the radio or in television ads. Jingle's are still incredibly relevant and powerful, and can be utilized in many places that aren't your traditional broadcast advertisement. Custom written music is incredibly versatile and here are 5 unique methods your business can utilize them!

1. Social Media

Tik-Toks, Instagram reels, YouTube ads & more. There are many oppurtunities to use your jingle in a digital ad campaign! With the ever growing social media formats prioritizing audio, there is increasing opportunity for your ad to take this digital space by storm. Your ad itself can be run on these platforms, but you may even choose to make your sound available for other creators to utilize, remix, and create their own media in response to.

2. Live Events

If there is a live event occurring that your business is a part of (or wants to be), there is no reason to not include your jingle. Conferences, trade shows, & street fairs are the obvious options, but even events like baseball games can utilize your audio branding! For example, the PC Richards & Son sonic logo plays every time there is a strike out at Yankee stadium. Not only does this promote your company, but it also comes to associate it with the dopamine rush of the hometown team striking out opposing team players in the game. If your event has a DJ, you can even work out a deal with them that they'll play your sound X amount of times across the event.

3. Telephone hold music

Tim Carleton's Opus No. 1 is the default hold music for many corporate entities. This can be incredibly frustrating for customers who are sick of the track. When I worked as a security guard and was placed on hold with the main office in my building, this track would drive me insane with how often I had to listen to it! Make your customer's experience much more pleasant and enjoyable and give them hold music that is unique and special for your brand. Jingles inherently should make the customer feel good without feeling overplayed: aka it is a PERFECT asset to utilize in your hold music.

4. Podcasts

The Podcast industry is rapidly expanding with almost 2/3rds of all American Adults 18-35 listening to podcasts monthly. This is approximately 46 million people. Podcasts have the additional benefit of being highly specific to your market, as listeners choose which podcast they want to listen to rather than an algorithm feeding general listeners ads. 5. Print

Yes, that's right! Even though a jingle is audio, the message translates very well to text. Ever read song lyrics and suddenly the song is stuck in your head the rest of the day? Jingles work the same way. You don't need to actually hear the jingle to get it stuck in your head once your audience has already been exposed to it.

There are many more ways you can utilize your audio jingle if you get a little creative and think about where you may be able to hear/utilize sound in your day to day life. If you're interested in a consultation on what audio can do for you and your company, send an email to us now at and we can discuss and come up with a strong audio strategy to help grow your business.

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