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New Site, Free E-book, & More!

Welcome back to the Electric Raindrop website. We just completed a major revision of the entire site including an expansion of our offered services to be a full service sonic branding company, as well as writing and compiling a free e-book available for anyone interested in learning more about sonic branding, how it can help you, and the services we offer. This blog will be a feed about case studies, research, interviews, & more in the realm of sonic branding and the power of audio. Take a look around, enjoy yourself and be in touch!

- Joe Chris

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The Old Jingle is Dead, Long Live the Jingle!

Between Spotify, Tik Tok, Radio & more there are many sound only spaces for entertainment these days, and cutting through the noise to build your brand can be quite the challenge. Even when your ad is

Case Study: The Catholic Church

What do the Roman Catholic Church, James Bond, & Apple all have in common? No, this is not a set up for a bad joke, rather it is what we are going to be looking at over the next couple weeks! All thre


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