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If you are advertising on television, radio, social media, or anywhere where sound is a part of the experience you can benefit from having custom music written for your brand. Many advertisers do not fully utilize the power of sound. At Electric Raindrop we strive to maximize the efficiency of your ad campaigns by using sound to make a stronger impact on your listener than just visuals alone. Sonic Logos, Jingles, and more can be used to make your ad and your brand cut through all the noise and get stuck in your customers head for years to come.


Even if you are not advertising on a solely audio based platform like radio or podcasts, sound is an integral part of a majority of ad campaigns and the right sounds can help you maximize the impact and efficiency of your ad in your target audience.




Jingles have been a hallmark of the advertising industry for over 100 years, and for good reason: they are a powerful way to get your product stuck in your listener's mind for decades to come. We compose fully produced musical jingles utilizing cutting edge songwriting and production techniques that are sure to help your brand stick out.


Sonic Logos

Sonic logos are among the quickest and best way to solidify your brand in the listener's mind, especially when paired simultaneously with your visual logo. 


Sonic Branding

Besides the advertising potential, sound plays a big part in your brand and we are fully equipped to handle all your sonic branding needs across any & all of your brand's touch points: telephone hold music, UI SFX, Sound Installations, Voice Overs, etc. Contact us below if you'd like to learn more!


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