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Effective use of audio dramatically increases your brand's recall and sales rates

At Electric Raindrop, we understand the untapped potential of sound in advertising, and we strive to help you make a stronger impact on your audience beyond visuals alone. Sonic Logos, Jingles, and more are just a few of the custom audio assets we offer to make your ad and your brand stand out amidst the noise and leave a lasting impression.

Even if your ads are not solely audio-based, sound plays a crucial role in maximizing their impact and efficiency. Sound is an integral part to a majority of ad campaigns, and with the right sonic elements, you can elevate your brand’s presence and connect with your target audience on a deeper level. Our expertise in creating tailor-made audio solutions ensures that your brand leaves a memorable mark in your customers’ minds for years to come. Don’t miss the opportunity to unleash the true potential of your ads and captivate your audience through the power of sonic branding.

What is Sonic Branding?

Sonic branding, also known as audio branding or sound branding, is the strategic use of sound and music across all of your touchpoints to create a distinctive and consistent brand identity. It involves the intentional selection and composition of audio elements, such as sonic logos, jingles, soundscapes, voiceovers, and sound effects, to evoke specific emotions, convey brand personality, and enhance the overall brand experience. Sonic branding goes beyond simply having a catchy tune or sound; it encompasses the intentional and consistent use of audio assets across various touchpoints to create a cohesive and memorable brand presence.

A good sonic branding approach identifies all of your sonic touchpoints and creates a strong brand image across them aligned with your core values.

There are many ways your business can utilize audio to cut through the noise and use it to your advantage. Good sonic branding can help you connect with your customer on a deep emotional level and has been shown to even double intent to make a purchase. In a study done by Dazed Media, it was shown that approximately 33% percent of US adults under 35 feel more favorable to brands with a sonic identity. Millennials and Gen Z both utilize audio and podcasts as a mental health resource and listen both while doing various tasks and to unwind.

If you are already running ads that contain audio, but aren't using it effectively (such as using library tracks or "canned" music) you are getting less bang for your buck. Using a sonic logo in conjunction with a visual one or utilizing custom written jingles or underscores carefully crafted around your brands values can dramatically increase the power of your ads while only paying for the exact same air time as you would without, and getting better results!

Audio not only makes your ads work harder and makes your ad budget work more effectively, but it also opens opportunities to advertise in markets where visuals alone are either not ideal or in some cases even possible! Audio assets such as a sonic logo or jingle can be broadcast in public locations (such as a sporting event) or on the radio. They can be played in retail environments or incorporated into your company's telephone hold music.

There is tremendous opportunity for your business to grow using sound. Are you ready to take advantage of it? 

What we do:

At Electric Raindrop, we conduct a comprehensive branding audit to identify all potential opportunities for audio implementation. This serves as a foundation for devising a strategic plan that outlines the required assets and their optimal utilization. Consistency is key, just like your visual logo, as it helps reinforce brand recognition over time.

Furthermore, we align our audio creations with your brand’s objectives, carefully crafting and refining them to suit your specific purposes. Finally, we compile a brand guideline document that details the “how’s” and “why’s” of your sonic approach, empowering you to utilize audio effectively and consistently across all touchpoints. By integrating audio into your brand strategy, you can create a unique and immersive experience that resonates with your target audience and strengthens brand loyalty.




Jingles have been a hallmark of the advertising industry for over 100 years, and for good reason: they are a powerful way to get your product stuck in your listener's mind for decades to come. We compose fully produced musical jingles utilizing cutting edge songwriting and production techniques that are sure to help your brand stick out.


Sonic Logos

Sonic logos are among the quickest and best way to solidify your brand in the listener's mind, especially when paired simultaneously with your visual logo. 


Sonic Branding

Besides the advertising potential, sound plays a big part in your brand and we are fully equipped to handle all your sonic branding needs across any & all of your brand's touch points: telephone hold music, UI SFX, Sound Installations, Voice Overs, etc. Contact us below if you'd like to learn more!

Learn More with our Free E-book on Sonic Branding

Click the button below to download our free PDF on Sonic Branding. Learn what it is, how to best utilize audio, & more in one comprehensive file complete with links to our research and more!


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